Travis build status

We gladly take comments and updates! You can check out videos on my YouTube channel, as well as watching or starring the github repo.

You can look at our how-to guide by going to: This information is also present in the help files for each function, however, pictures are included on the website.

You can now install MOTE directly from CRAN: install.packages("MOTE").

To install the development version of the package take the following steps:

  1. Install devtools if you do not have it. devtools is a package that allows you to install packages from github. install.packages("devtools")

  2. Install the MOTE package by running the following: devtools::install_github("doomlab/MOTE")

  3. Load the library to get started! library(MOTE)

  4. Enjoy MOTE.

You can also use the Shiny App!

Build information

1.0.2 - Updated mathematical error in d.dep.t.rm confidence interval calculation.

1.0.1 - Initial CRAN release