MixfMRI is an R package clustering fMRI data using parallel model-based clustering. The package mplements methods in Chen and Maitra (2023), doi:10.1002/hbm.26425 (pdf). The developed methods include 2D and 3D clustering analyses (for p-values with voxel locations) and segmentation analyses (for p-values alone) for fMRI data where p-values indicate significant level of activation responding to stimulate of interesting. The analyses are mainly identifying active voxel/signal associated with normal brain behaviors.


For installing MixfMRI: * See “./INSTALL” for details.


For simulation studies (with MPI and pbdMPI): * See “./inst/workflow/simulation/create_simu.txt” for simulations that support the methods developed and evaluated in Chen and Maitra (2023), doi:10.1002/hbm.26425.

For testing run time (with MPI and pbdMPI): * See “./inst/workflow/timing/” for testing a main function.


For large scale workflows and examples (with MPI and pbdMPI): * “./inst/workflow/spmd/*_common/” for workflow main scripts. * “./inst/workflow/spmd/2d_V/” for running a 2D_V exmaple. * “./inst/workflow/spmd/2d_I/” for running a 2D_I exmaple. * “./inst/workflow/spmd/2d_noX/” for running a 2D_noX exmaple. * “./inst/workflow/spmd/3d_V/” for running a 3D_V exmaple. * “./inst/workflow/spmd/3d_I/” for running a 3D_I exmaple. * “./inst/workflow/spmd/3d_noX/” for running a 3D_noX exmaple.