baggr 0.7.8 (late 2023)

New functionality: - You can run meta-analyses with just one row of data, but must specify priors - baggr_plot can be made to look more like forest plot with baggr_plot(bg, style = "forest") - Plotting baggr and baggr_compare objects now has more powerful add_values functionality. - You can customise colour of hypermean, e.g. baggr_plot(bg, hyper = "red") - For meta-regressions, you can draw a bubble()

Back end and minor changes:


baggr 0.7.4 (late 2022)



baggr 0.6.21 (January-March 2022)

Misc: * Printing baggr and baggr_compare objects is now better at showing intervals and you can also change their widths with arguments passed to print.baggr() or directly to baggr_compare() * Added student_t() and lognormal() priors and updated some prior documentation * Removed some cases where input data would be reordered (previously this could happen to either individual-level continuous data or summary data of binary events) * More warning prompts at various stages of model fitting * Faster installation and package checks.

baggr 0.6.10-0.6.18 (Sept-Dec 2021)


Bug fixes:

baggr 0.6.5-0.6.9 (June-August 2021)

Minor bug fixes:

baggr 0.6.3-0.6.4 (May 2021)

baggr 0.6.2 (April 2021)

On the back end the package now follows the rstantools recommended way of compiling models. The user experience should be exactly the same, but this may avoid some problems when installing the package from GitHub or otherwise compiling it locally.

baggr 0.6.0 (February 2021)

New features

For v0.6 we added more generic code around plotting, printing, grabbing treatment effects etc. While there are no differences on the front-end, this means that for the next versions we will be able to consider some new models and have more homogeneous syntax for all models.


baggr 0.5.0 (June 2020)

New features

Bug fixes

baggr 0.4.0 (February 2020)

New features

Bug fixes

baggr 0.3.0

New features

Bug fixes

baggr 0.2.0

New features

baggr 0.1.0

First package version for CRAN.