bayes4psy change log

bayes4psy 1.2.12

RStan updates and optimizations.

bayes4psy 1.2.11

Optimized building of RStan models.

bayes4psy 1.2.10

Tidied up the README file.

bayes4psy 1.2.9

Added funding information.

bayes4psy 1.2.8

Additional fixes required for newer versions of RStan.

bayes4psy 1.2.7

Support for newer versions of RStan.

bayes4psy 1.2.6

Further optimization of vignettes, tests and examples.

bayes4psy 1.2.5

Optimized vignettes for faster compilation.

bayes4psy 1.2.4

More robust unit tests and vignettes for the purpose of CRAN checks.

bayes4psy 1.2.3

Additional unit tests for CRAN checks.

bayes4psy 1.2.2

Further vignettes and tests optimizations. Added references to the description.

bayes4psy 1.2.1

Vignettes optimizations.

bayes4psy 1.2.0

Added detailed examples of usage as vignettes. All models now create visualizations with the default R plot function. Several minor tweaks and improvements.

bayes4psy 1.1.1

Modified some examples due to CRAN revision. Beautified some outputs. T-test now supports comparison through the sigma parameter only.

bayes4psy 1.1.0

Examples for all models and fitting functions. Code tests for all core functions. Documentation amended in accordance with CRAN team comments.

bayes4psy 1.0.2

Compilation is now c++14 compliant. Minor update to one of color visualizations.

bayes4psy 1.0.1

Ran CRAN checks (spell check, …) and fixed some minor issues according to feedback.

bayes4psy 1.0.0

Greatly expanded the readme file. Minor changes to a few documentation entries. CRAN publish preparations.

bayes4psy 0.9.0

Various quality of life improvements (nicer graphs and outputs). Package is not in its own repository so it can be installed from GitHub via devtools. Upgraded all examples and tests. Examples and tests are now in a separate repository.

bayes4psy 0.8.0

Renamed package from EasyBayes to bayes4psy. Parameters are no longer permuted when extracted from a Stan fit.

bayes4psy 0.7.0

Functions for comparing multiple fits at the same time. Revised prior system so it is now more user friendly. Implementation of Bayesian t-test.

bayes4psy 0.6.0

Flexible setting of priors on all of the model’s parameters. The plot_fit function for hierarchical models now allows visual inspection of a fit on top and bottom levels. Added functions for easy extraction of parameter values.

bayes4psy 0.5.0

Color model implementation. Specific visualizations for colors. Success rate hierarchical model rework. Extended documentation. Multiple chains support.

bayes4psy 0.4.0

Large update to documentation, which is now CRAN compliant. Added an additional, more detailed diagnostic print of fit. Updates to various visualizations. Bayesian bootstrap implementation. Tidyverse style code.

bayes4psy 0.3.0

Removed all warnings. CRAN ready!

bayes4psy 0.2.0

Cross platform compilation. Package now passes CRAN checks (with a lot of warnings and notes). Added documentation.

bayes4psy 0.1.4

Integrated linear model into the package. Changed version numbering. Using HDI instead of CI now.

bayes4psy 0.1.3

Expanded documentation of functions and classes. Consolidate functions and parameter passing between all models.

bayes4psy 0.1.2

Implementation of the success rate model.

bayes4psy 0.1.1

Implementation of ttest model. Implementation of reaction times model.