The is a data package with an excerpt from the Gapminder data. The main object in this package is the gapminder data frame or “tibble”. There are other goodies, such as the data in tab delimited form, a larger unfiltered dataset, premade color schemes for the countries and continents, and ISO 3166-1 country codes.

The gapminder and gapminder_unfiltered data frames include six variables, ( documentation page):

variable meaning
lifeExp life expectancy at birth
pop total population
gdpPercap per-capita GDP

Per-capita GDP (Gross domestic product) is given in units of international dollars, “a hypothetical unit of currency that has the same purchasing power parity that the U.S. dollar had in the United States at a given point in time” – 2005, in this case.

The package contains two main data frames or tibbles:

Note: this package exists for the purpose of teaching and making code examples. It is an excerpt of data found in specific spreadsheets on circa 2010. It is not a definitive source of socioeconomic data and I don’t update it. Use other data sources if it’s important to have the current best estimate of these statistics.

Install and test drive

Install gapminder from CRAN:


Load it and test drive with some data aggregation and plotting:


aggregate(lifeExp ~ continent, gapminder, median)
#>   continent lifeExp
#> 1    Africa 47.7920
#> 2  Americas 67.0480
#> 3      Asia 61.7915
#> 4    Europe 72.2410
#> 5   Oceania 73.6650

gapminder %>%
  filter(year == 2007) %>%
  group_by(continent) %>%
  summarise(lifeExp = median(lifeExp))
#> # A tibble: 5 × 2
#>   continent lifeExp
#>   <fct>       <dbl>
#> 1 Africa       52.9
#> 2 Americas     72.9
#> 3 Asia         72.4
#> 4 Europe       78.6
#> 5 Oceania      80.7

ggplot(gapminder, aes(x = continent, y = lifeExp)) +
  geom_boxplot(outlier.colour = "hotpink") +
  geom_jitter(position = position_jitter(width = 0.1, height = 0), alpha = 1 / 4)

Color schemes for countries and continents

country_colors and continent_colors are provided as character vectors where elements are hex colors and the names are countries or continents.

head(country_colors, 4)
#>          Nigeria            Egypt         Ethiopia Congo, Dem. Rep. 
#>        "#7F3B08"        "#833D07"        "#873F07"        "#8B4107"
#>    Africa  Americas      Asia    Europe   Oceania 
#> "#7F3B08" "#A50026" "#40004B" "#276419" "#313695"