The profiplots (Docs | | Report issue) is an R package that provides an easy way to let your R plots (both GGplot and baseR graphics!) look more professional & follow the new Profinit’s visual guidelines.

Usefull links:


A) From CRAN

# Install released version from CRAN 
install.packages("profiplots")        # NOTE: Not ready yet

B) From package documentation site (internal only).

As the package is hosted on GitLab Pages, it is possible to install it on your machine this way. It is quite simple!

  1. Download the package

Download the package manually from this link: profiplots.

  1. Install the package from a file
install.packages('path/to/profiplots_latest.tar.gz', repos=NULL, type='source')


Quick start:

profiplots::set_theme("blue-red", "blue-red")

# now, you can continue with your ggplot or baseR graphics as usual

Read the reference page. You might be interested in the graph gallery page with the most Frequently Used Charts (WIP).