FMM 0.3.0

Enhancements: * Optimization of the estimation procedure for the monocomponent, multicomponent and restricted FMM models. An embedded parallelized procedure is available for all the models for faster estimations. * Code has been refined: it is now more object-oriented, code duplicity has been reduced, unnecessary orders have been suppressed, API usability has been improved, and the documentation is now automatically created with roxygen2.

New features: * In addition to the estimation by blocks previously available for the restricted model, an exact implementation has been added for more accurate fits in expense of more computational time.

FMM 0.2.0

New features: * Optimized monocomponent and multicomponent model computation.

FMM 0.1.2

Enhancements: * Added a slot in the FMM object with information on the number of iteraction of the fitting process. * Renamed the FMMPeaks function to getFMMPeaks. * Renamed the generate_FMM function to generateFMM. Also parameters a, b and w to alpha, beta and omega, respectively.

New features: * New show() method to print basic information on an FMM object.

FMM 0.1.1

Fixed the issues pointed out in the review of the CRAN submission:

FMM 0.1.0