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The goal of FlickrAPI is to provide an interface to the Flickr API and allow R users to download data on public photos uploaded to Flickr.


# remotes::install_github("koki25ando/FlickrAPI")

After installing, set up a Flickr API key and save it as a local environment variable using setFlickrAPIKey(api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE", install = TRUE). The Flickr API is available for non-commercial use by outside developers and is only available for commercial use under prior arrangements. Review the Flickr API documentation, API Overview, or Flickr Developer Guide for more information.


You can get photos from any individual user using the getPhotos() function.


photos <- getPhotos(user_id = "grand_canyon_nps")
id owner secret server farm title ispublic isfriend isfamily
51924677769 a48d45c811 65535 66 03/03/22 Desert View Amphitheater Reconstruction 40389 1 0 0

For more information about any individual image, you can use getPhotoInfo() or the getExif() function.

photo_info <- getPhotoInfo(photo_id = photos$id[1], output = "tags")
id author authorname raw content machine_tag
50601005-51924677769-83469 Grand Canyon NPS Desert View desertview 0
50601005-51924677769-26960 Grand Canyon NPS Amphitheater amphitheater 0
photo_exif <- getExif(photo_id = photos$id[10])
tagspace tagspaceid tag label raw clean
JFIF 0 JFIFVersion JFIFVersion 1.02 NA

You can also search photos by tag and license.

photo_search <- getPhotoSearch(
  sort = "date-taken-desc",
  tags = c("cats", "dogs"),
  per_page = 50)

id owner secret server farm title ispublic isfriend isfamily img_url img_height img_width img_asp
51958193894 ca8e35eb2b 65535 66 Cats Of Mei Ling 1 0 0 75 75 1

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