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PSweight 1.2.0 (Release Date: 2024-03-27)

This release of PSweight version 1.1.8 includes several bug fixes and enhancements aimed at improving the functionality and user experience.

1.Enhanced Parameter Support: The “PSmethod” and “OUTmethod” functions have been updated to accurately incorporate parameters specified via “ps.control” and “out.control”.

2.Propensity Score Model Output: Users can now access the fitted propensity score model directly from the “SumStat” function output through the “ps.fitObjects” component, facilitating deeper analysis and diagnostics.

3.Improved Handling of Single Covariate Models: The package now includes checks within “summary.SumStat()” and “plot.SumStat()” functions to ensure they operate correctly even when the propensity score model is based on a single covariate.

4.Flexible Treatment Variable Naming: The “SumStat_cl()” function has been modified to replace the hardcoded ‘trt’ variable with a dynamic reference, “data[[zname]]”, allowing users to specify their treatment variable names.

These updates aim to enhance the PSweight package’s functionality, usability, and analytical precision. Users are encouraged to explore the new features and provide feedback for continuous improvement.