cder 0.3-1

cder 0.3-0

Minor changes

cder 0.2-2

Bug Fixes

CDEC actually accounts for daylight savings time as documented in The correct timezone timezone “US/Pacific” is now used.

cder 0.2-1

Bug Fixes

The CDEC timezone was incorrectly specified as “Etc/GMT-8”. The correct timezone “Etc/GMT+8” is now used.

cder 0.2-0

Backend Changes

The CDEC Web Services underwent changes over the period of August 2-7 which modified the data output format. Functions in this package were updated to accomodate this new format.

Minor Changes

Some functions were renamed and arguments were added to support drop-in replacement of cder for the now-removed package ‘CDECRetrieve’. Old function names have been soft-deprecated.

New functions

New functions cdec_search_*() were added to support the exploration of metadata on CDEC. These are largely just wrappers around browseURL(), since the CDEC web services do not currently support metadata searches.