Further options of visualization in DigiRhythm

Hassan-Roland Nasser and Marie Schneider


DigiRhythm additionally contains some deeper visualisation possibilities. - the function daily_activity_wrap_plot could be used to visualise the activity over time per day - the function plot_quadro is a possibility to combine different forms of visualizing activity (actogram, average activity, DFC and HP and daily activity) - the function plot_actogram_avg_activity will show what heppens, if Hassan wrote the code

First, we start by loading a dataset, removing the outliers, resample it to 15 min and choose the activity to study.

data <- digiRhythm::df691b_1
data <- remove_activity_outliers(data)
data <- resample_dgm(data, 15)
activity = names(data)[2]
#>              datetime Motion.Index Steps
#> 1 2020-08-25 00:00:00           20     8
#> 2 2020-08-25 00:15:00           52    46
#> 3 2020-08-25 00:30:00           61    39
#> 4 2020-08-25 00:45:00           29    18
#> 5 2020-08-25 01:00:00           83    26
#> 6 2020-08-25 01:15:00           50    23

Daily Activity Wrap

Now we proceed to plot the daily activity. User can decide to plot the activity during the time of one day. Or to plot a huge plot including a number of day-plots. User has to define the activity to plot. Additionally, user has to define the activity_alias, similar to the actogram. Start and end date have to be defined by the user, using the format “%Y-%m-%d”. Afterwards, sampling_rate of the data has to be defined. The sample size has to be bigger or equal to the sample size of the dataset. With “n_cols”, the user is able to decide how many graphs/days should be shown in a row of the plot. User has the possibility to save the plot directly, using this function.

activity_alias <- 'Motion Index'
start <- "2020-08-25" #year-month-day
end <- "2020-10-11" #year-month-day
sampling_rate <- 15
ncols <- 3 #number of columns
#save <- 'sample_results/daily_wrap_plot' #if Null, doesn't save the image
my_daily_wrap_plot <- daily_activity_wrap_plot(data, activity, activity_alias, start, end, sampling_rate, ncols, save = Null)

Plot combination