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The dropout package offers robust tools for dropout analysis in survey data. It helps you identify and handle incomplete responses effectively to ensure the quality of your research findings.

Issues & Support

If you encounter any issues with the software, please report them in the GitHub Repository within the Issues section https://github.com/hendr1km/dropout/issues. This will help to identify and address problems more efficiently. If you wish to contribute to the software please use a pull request. Additionally, if you require support with the software or have any related inquiries, please feel free to contact me at hendrik.mann@uni-wuppertal.de. Your feedback and questions are valuable for the future development of the package.


You can install the development version of dropout from GitHub using the following command:

# Install the released version from CRAN

# development version from GitHub:


Using drop_detect

library(dplyr) # not necessary, but recommended

# Detect dropouts in the 'flying' dataset up to the column "location_census_region"
drop_detect(flying, "location_census_region") %>%
  bind_cols(flying, .) %>%
  filter(dropout == FALSE | dropout_index > 22)

Using dropout_summary


# Summarizing dropouts in the 'flying' dataset up to the column "location_census_region"
dropout_summary(flying, "location_census_region")

Further Reading

For more details, practical examples, and tips on interpreting summary statistics, please refer to the package vignette.