Introduction to geysertimes

Basic Use

Load the package other packages used in this vignette.


Get the Data

The gt_get_data function downloads the compressed eruptions data from, reads the data compressed data into R and saves version of the R object in the location specified in the dest_folder argument to the function. The default location for dest_folder is file.path(tempdir(), "geysertimes")). This default location is used to meet the CRAN requirement of not writing files by default to any location other than under tempdir().

Users are encouraged to set dest_folder to the value given by gt_path() which is a permanent location appropriate for the user on the particular platform.

If a permanent location is used, the user only needs to get the data once. Using the suggested value for dest_folder:

Load the Data

The gt_load_eruptions is used to load the eruptions data in the current session. The gt_load_geysers loads the geyser location data in the current session.

A quick look at the data:

Data Version

The data that is downloaded is versioned. The version id is the date when the data was downloaded.

The gt_version() lists the latest version of the data that has been downloaded. Setting all=TRUE will list all versions of the data that have been downloaded.

Simple Analysis

Geysers with the most recorded eruptions: