To take nested function calls and convert them to a more readable form using magrittr’s pipes.


e.g. (example taken from Hadley Wickham)

calling the add-in on:

foo_foo <- little_bunny()
bop_on( scoop_up( hop_through(foo_foo, forest), field_mouse ), head )

will return:

foo_foo <- little_bunny()
foo_foo %>% 
  hop_through(forest) %>% 
  %>% bop_on(head)


# install a dev version using

This should automatically install a Rstudio add-in as well.

to do

another example which does not work currently

ostensibly, the (same?) function would also be able to remedy horrendous situations like this:

tmp_bunny1 <- foo_foo
tmp_bunny2 <- hop_through(tmp_bunny1, forest)
tmp_bunny3 <- scoop_up(tmp_bunny2, field_mouse)
tmp_bunny4 <- bop_on(tmp_bunny3, head)

this would resolve to:

foo_foo <- little_bunny()
tmp_bunny4 <- foo_foo %>% 
  hop_through(forest) %>% 
  %>% bop_on(head)

same as above with the minor difference that it would now be assigned to tmp_bunny4. It can be up to the user to change that later.