plotrix is an R package that provides many plotting, labeling, and axis & color scaling functions.

Its original author and maintainer, Jim Lemon, passed away in September 2023.

Currently it is being maintained by Duncan Murdoch. Please submit bug reports to


Jim Lemon, Ben Bolker, Sander Oom, Eduardo Klein, Barry Rowlingson, Hadley Wickham, Anupam Tyagi, Olivier Eterradossi, Gabor Grothendieck, Michael Toews, John Kane, Rolf Turner, Carl Witthoft, Julian Stander, Thomas Petzoldt, Remko Duursma, Elisa Biancotto, Ofir Levy, Christophe Dutang, Peter Solymos, Robby Engelmann, Michael Hecker, Felix Steinbeck, Hans Borchers, Henrik Singmann, Ted Toal, Derek Ogle, Darshan Baral, Ulrike Groemping, Bill Venables