simglm: Tidy simulation and power analyses

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Package Installation

This package can be directly installed through CRAN:


The development version of the package can be installed by using the devtools package.


Introduction to the simglm package

The best way to become oriented with the simglm package is through the package vignette. There are two ways to get to the vignettes (both will open a browser to view the vignette). Below is an example loading the “Intro” vignette directly:

vignette("Intro", package = "simglm")

Note: If you install the development version of the package, you may need to tell R to build the vignettes when installing the simglm package by doing the following:

install_github("lebebr01/simglm", build_vignettes = TRUE)


A flexible suite of functions to simulate nested data.
Currently supports the following features:

Bugs/Feature Requests

Bugs and feature requests are welcomed. Please track these on GitHub here: I’m also open to pull requests.