CRAN Task View: Survival Analysis

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Survival analysis, also called event history analysis in social science, or reliability analysis in engineering, deals with time until occurrence of an event of interest. However, this failure time may not be observed within the relevant time period, producing so-called censored observations.

This task view aims at presenting the useful R packages for the analysis of time to event data.

Please let the maintainers know if something is inaccurate or missing, either via e-mail or by submitting an issue or pull request in the GitHub repository linked above.

Standard Survival Analysis

Estimation of the Survival Distribution

Hazard Estimation


Regression Modelling

Multistate Models

Relative Survival

Random Effect Models

Multivariate Survival

Multivariate survival refers to the analysis of unit, e.g., the survival of twins or a family. To analyse such data, we can estimate the joint distribution of the survival times

Bayesian Models

Machine learning

Predictions and Prediction Performance

Power Analysis



This section tries to list some specialised plot functions that might be useful in the context of event history analysis.


CRAN packages

Core:cmprsk, eha, mstate, muhaz, rms, survival, timereg.
Regular:addhazard, AER, aftgee, ahaz, APtools, asaur, asbio, aster, aster2, BMA, bnnSurvival, boot, boot.pval, bpcp, bshazard, bujar, casebase, censReg, CFC, clinfun, cmprskQR, coarseDataTools, coin, compareC, compound.Cox, condGEE, condSURV, controlTest, coxme, coxphf, coxphw, coxrobust, coxsei, crrSC, csci, currentSurvival, Cyclops, DAAG, dblcens, discSurv, DTDA, dynpred, dynsurv, ELYP, emplik, emplik2, Epi, epiR, etm, exactRankTests, FamEvent, fastcox, FHtest, fitdistrplus, flexmsm, flexrsurv, flexsurv, frailtyEM, frailtyHL, frailtypack, frailtySurv, gamboostMSM, gamlss.cens, gbm, gcerisk, gems, genSurv, GJRM, glmnet, glmpath, GORCure, gss, GSSE, gte, hdnom, icenReg, ICGOR, icRSF, ICsurv, IDPSurvival, InformativeCensoring, intccr, interval, intsurv, invGauss, ipred, JM, JMbayes, joineR, joineRML, joint.Cox,, kmc, kmi, KMsurv, KONPsurv, landest, LearnBayes, LexisPlotR, locfit, logconcens, LogicReg, logspline, lpc, lsmeans, LTRCtrees, maxcombo, maxstat, mboost, MCMCglmm, MCMCpack, mets, mexhaz, miCoPTCM, MicSim, mixAK, mixPHM, MLEcens, mmcif, msm, msmtools, MST, multcomp, multipleNCC, MultSurvTests, mvna, NADA, NPHMC, NPMLEcmprsk, npsurv, OrdFacReg, pamr, party, pch, pec, penalized, PenCoxFrail, penMSM, peperr, PermAlgo, PHeval, plac, plsRcox, polspline, powerSurvEpi, PReMiuM, prodlim, psbcGroup, pseudo, quantreg, randomForestSRC, ranger, rankhazard, reda, relsurv, reReg, rhosp, riskRegression, risksetROC, RobustAFT, rpart, rstanarm, rstpm2, saws, SemiCompRisks, SemiMarkov, SGL, simexaft, SimHaz, simMSM, simPH, simsurv, SimSurvNMarker, smcure, smoothHR, SMPracticals, spatstat, spBayesSurv, spef, SSRMST, superpc, surv2sampleComp, survAUC, survC1, SurvCorr, survex,, survey, survIDINRI, survivalMPL, survivalROC, SurvLong, survminer, survMisc, survPresmooth, SurvRegCensCov, survRM2, survsim, survSNP, SvyNom, tdROC, thregI, timeROC, TP.idm, TPmsm, tpr, TraMineR, TransModel, tranSurv, TSHRC, uniah, VGAM, vitality, vsd, xgboost, YPmodel.
Archived:concreg, imputeYn, jackknifeKME.

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